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in Europe!

About us

We are a cooparetive society seated in Poland, which unites construction workers under one company name. We are taking use of free movement of services within the EU-market and we are working as sub-contractors or employees in different EU-countries.

Our aim is the self-help during our abroad activities. Because we are organized we can better meet the needs of our clients performing to them proffesional, effective and legal self-employment basing services or placing our members into employment as a job agency or mediator.

Our mission is joining and supporting the migration of labour force and free movement of services on the teritory of European Union. We belive that we are doing on this way our modest stint in development of European labour and service markets and integration of European Nations.

Our cooperative office in Zgorzelec/Poland is responsible for international clients relations, business administration, appeares as the contracting party and is supporting us in organization and coordination of the our activities.

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